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Welcome to The Ethanol Association of London Website

The Ethanol Association of London was founded in May 2010, to provide a framework for the proper conduct of ethanol trading. The Association provides the Regulations and Contract Terms for ethanol trading and provides a dispute resolution service for member and non-members.

Chairman's Message

The trade has grown rapidly and ethanol is an exciting global commodity. Ethanol a renewable resource, is typically produced by agriculture and increasingly consumed by motor transport and industry.  Differences in business culture or trade practise can exist between the ethanol production and consumption sectors and this can lead to contract disputes.

As befits a main-stream commodity, it is important that certain minimum standards of practice and terms of trade are understood by trading partners with the objective of making trades clearer, simpler,safer and legally enforceable.  With this goal in mind, the Ethanol Association of London was established in 2010.

The Ethanol Association sets out to offer standard reference terms of contract and to offer an arbitration service in the event of disputes in the ethanol trade. The Ethanol Association is not an ethanol industry lobby group and is solely focused on setting bench marks in ethanol contractual and ethical standards. The founding members of the association are established traders in ethanol with in - depth experience of the product and hence those seeking an arbitration process can confidently use the association's services.

Jeffrey Tuite

Regulations and Contract Terms

The Council of the Association is responsible for the framing of the Rules for International Trade. The General Terms of The Ethanol Association of London for FOB Contracts and for CFR, CIF & DES Contracts are available on this website.


The Rules for Arbitration and the members of the Arbitration Panel are available on this website.